Photo of Jamie

I love learning, but I love helping others enjoy learning even more! My first priority is always to build a connection with people. I like learning about them and then taking on the creative challenge of relating a topic to their personal experience and interests. Previously, I have mentored and taught students from primary school to university level.

I’m very passionate about transforming STEM into a more inclusive and equitable place for everyone at any age. I love making science engaging and accessible, and learning how to communicate science to the world. My favourite memory is speaking with 500 high school girls in Luna Park about the joys of Maths, thanks to an Australian government initiative!

During the week, I’m a researcher studying how our gut and our brain talk to each other. Ever feel butterflies in your stomach, or a lump in your throat? That’s the gut-brain connection! In my spare time, I like to read stories and articles, play the guitar, and do some creative writing.


Bachelor of Science (Honours),


University of Melbourne, 2019

South Australian Certificate of Education

98.50 ATAR

Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas, 2015