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I have fostered the love of teaching since I became a teaching assistant in 2003. From then on, I have tutored and mentored students from primary school to university level in the US, Hong Kong, and Australia. I help students with a variety of subjects. I work with students in IB programme as well.

I am also a trained biologist with a background in drug discovery and translational research, a branch of scientific research that seeks new therapeutics to treat diseases. I am currently undertaking a PhD degree in digestive physiology at the University of Melbourne.

Ada's Education

Doctor of Philosophy,

Digestive Physiology

University of Melbourne

2018 – present

Master of Business


University of Wisconsin –

MBA Consortium, 2020

Master of Liberal Arts,

Extension Studies,


Harvard University, 2010

Bachelor of Science,

Biomedical Laboratory

and Clinical Sciences

Boston University, 2004


Photo of Asti

I’ve loved knowledge and learning since I was a kid which mainly manifested itself as a lifelong love of science and the way it explains why things ‘do what they do’. 🌏

Based in Ringwod East, I tutor across Melbourne in Primary Maths, Primary English, and Primary/Secondary Science, as well as general mentoring, to help support my rapidly-growing indoor plant collection. 🌱

I have a relaxed and friendly personality, an easy-going and patient teaching style, and find people connect strongly with my bubbly energy and passion for all things STEAM. 🔬🌴🌋⛈️🐛🚀

Asti’s Education

Graduate Certificate,

Environmental Science

Murdoch University, 2017

Bachelor of Science,

Geoscience/Geology (major)

Zoology (minor)

Monash University, 2015


Image of Julio

I love gaining and sharing knowledge as a mean of making our society better. I enjoy giving back to our next generation by helping them to overcome the challenges they face. I have experience in university and laboratory teaching as well as secondary school sciences and maths tutoring. I enjoy finding new ways to explain things to help others understand concepts from various angles.

I am a PhD candidate in Microbiology and Immunology. I specialise in vaccine development and biological control of vector-borne diseases. I am fascinated by infectious agents that make people sick and find ways to fight them. I am a native Spanish speaker and also fluent in Russian.

Julio’s Education

Doctor of Philosophy,

Microbiology and Immunology

University of Melbourne

2016 – present

Master of Science,


San Francisco de Quito

University – Ecuador, 2015

Specialist in Molecular Genetics

Kazan Federal University

– Russian Federation



Image of Bianca

I am a lifelong learner! As a child (and to this day!) you can find me either exploring the outdoors or inside reading a book. I decided to become a teacher so I could keep learning new things and inspire my students to find answers to their questions through trial and error. I am both primary and secondary trained and always remind those I teach that making mistakes is a crucial part of learning and the only way we can improve. I have taught overseas in Italy and the Pacific Islands and have a deep love for all cultures and appreciate the varieties of backgrounds we all come from that make us unique. Learning brings people together and I look forward to helping my students discover new things! 

My motto is: ‘No-one can do everything, but everyone can do something!’

Bianca’s Education

Master of Teaching,

Primary and Secondary


Monash University, 2016

Bachelor of Arts,

English Literary Studies (major)

Behavioural Studies (minor)

Monash University, 2014

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

 – William Arthur Ward