What students and parents say...

I highly recommend Tutoring by Ada. When I contacted and spoke with Ada to explain my needs, she was friendly and understanding. She quickly matched my son with the perfect tutor Bianca. Right away my son had a great connection with Bianca as she took the time to get to know him and how best he learns. His confidence has increased with his school work, so much so his teacher noticed and commended him on his improvements. Thanks so much Ada and Bianca we are so grateful for all your help.
Kylie M.
My girls are doing very well with Asti. I feel that the girls made progress. They tried more and weren't so shy anymore. Asti built up a good relationship with the girls.
Claudia C.
We are so lucky to have Ada in our lives - our daughter has a lucky star. We are so grateful for Ada's always cheery, positive, encouraging, patient and fun approach to teaching.
Michelle F.
I have been tutored by Julio for Spanish for the past few weeks. Our sessions are fun and I feel like I'm really learning from them and they keep me motivated. I have really enjoyed it.
Charlie C.
Ada's the best tutor I've had. I had difficulties with maths in high school and trying to understand my teachers. Ada made everything seem much simpler and I felt a lot more confident with learning.​
Heather B.
Ada has tutored both our children for the last 18 months or so and we have seen amazing results with both. But results aside, it’s the patience and kindness Ada brings to her students that, in my view, help them to begin to view the subject being taught as accessible and even enjoyable!  Ada is a skilled tutor and relates beautifully (and effectively) to our kids different personalities. Can’t recommend Ada highly enough.

Christen D.
My daughter has been receiving maths tutoring from Ada. In that time, she has not only grown in confidence but also her grades have improved considerably. Ada very quickly established a rapport with our daughter and she actually looks forward to her maths tutoring each week. Our daughter has been able to cope with all activities and no longer falling behind. Ada is very professional, reliable and a wonderful teacher. I highly recommend her.
Lisa A.
Ada is hands down my favourite tutor. I took Honors Biology in my freshman year and I absolutely hated it. I didn't like the subject and dreaded going to class and doing homework. Ada not only helped me overcome my educational barrier and helped me improve my grades, but she also helped me overcome my mental barrier of hating the subject. Ada is so patient, kind, and willing to help. If I don't understand something, she explains the concepts in different ways until I understand it. When I wanted to give up she didn't let me. Not only is she a tutor, but she's a mother figure and friend. I love Ada and would definitely recommend her services to anyone who needs help!
Katie L.

“Education is not learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”

 – Albert Einstein